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Emily Louise

Our Cross Country Move | Seattle to Fort Wayne

Over 5 months ago we set off on our new adventure in Fort Wayne and said goodbye to our life in Seattle! Follow along!

McCullough Family | Downtown Fort Wayne

When you think of family photo sessions your mind floats away to fields, or grassy parks, maybe even cuddled up on a couch, right? Well, I am here to mix things up and spark some inspiration with a non-traditional family photo location!

What To Wear Family Photo Sessions-Fort Wayne Lifestyle Photographer

Ok! You have booked your session, picked the perfect location, started emotionally preparing for an AWESOME memory making time together. All that is left is picking what to wear. I’m here to help!!

My Top 3 Lifestyle Family Session Tips

Fort Wayne Lifestyle Family Photography for Moms Who Want To Remember Good things come in 3’s so why not let you in on my Top 3 Tips for Lifestyle Family Photo Session! Here we go! Number 1 “WHAT are we going to wear?” No, joke this is the most asked question and something I myself […]

New Logo by Caruso Creative

Can you believe it had been 8 years since I had my first logo created it and it’s hand-lettered design reflected the way I uniquely A good friend designed it and it portray I still love it and it means a lot to me, but it was time to change. I have evolved and Emily […]

Alexander Family | Headwaters Park, Fort Wayne Family

Before officially moving to Fort Wayne, my husband and I traveled to Indiana for his Interview at Sweetwater Sound. I lined up a few shoots and the Alexander’s were one of them!  When a family is expecting another baby it means that I get to document the last months of their world as it is. […]

Piper Joy | My First Birth Story

This is a Birth Story, it’s not everyones cup of tea, so If you’d like a more Newborn to 4 yrs old progression Ill be sharing that too.

Still sticking around? Ok great! this is why we’re friends. I LOVE, I mean LOVE documenting birth, planning for it and all things surrounding this sacred experience. This is not just any birth sotry, this is MY first birth story, and in honor of this little one turning 4YRS old today, I am sharing it.

Elijah | In Home Newborn

The cherished space of newborn are fleeting, and filled with a deep level of joy parents did not previously know existed. This was definitely the case with these new parents. I hope you enjoy this snuggly in home lifestyle newborn session.

Mother’s Day Love Guide

  This day of celebrating can mean so many things for people, so before I get into it, I want you to know that if this day is hard, I am so sorry, I want to give you a big hug and listen to you in your pain or longing. You are worthy of being […]

Isabelle | Newborn

There is such a unique sweetness and beauty in the newborn days, especially when its your first baby, and little Isabelle was no exception! The devotion and unshakeable love her mom and dad have for her is tangible. I knew I wanted to capture every snuggle and soft kiss they gave her. Newborn sessions are […]

What do you want to remember?

Life holds so much emotions and moments you want don't want to forget. I want know what is important to your family and what you want to remember about them right now. 


Turning your unseen connections into tangible memories.