Ever since I was little I wanted to document and capture the people and experiences around me. My first "shoot" was on a family vacation with an old rectangle film camera. I had a vision of capturing every flower and its name tag. Most of the photos were out of focus, and you couldn't read the words, but I was beaming! I was inspired and set out to bring my vision to life. Ever since then, I have been driven by a desire to know the people and around me and draw out their personalities and document the connections they have with the people they love. Being authentic, true to who you are and laid back are the foundations of the experience I have created here at Emily Louise Photography. 

I'm Emily!

oh hey

Birth Doula. Florist, or Professional Organizer. I can't decide!

Teen mom OG and anything SWEET

Target, Local Boutique Home Decor Stores, Candles, ANY Gin Cocktail, Notepads&Nice Pens/Markers 

Mountains 100%

Kings Kaleidoscope or Asking Alexa to Play “Dance Party Music”

alternate job

Guilty pleasure

take my money

Beach / Mountains

Personal Jam

All the babies!

Just a few of the things I'm obsessed with:

Adventures With The Family

Plants, plants, and more Plants

My Husband's Cooking

Take a look at my work!

Love it

Hate it

Snuggles with my Kids



Boutique Home Decor Stores 

Making Cocktails 

Recharging Alone Time

Feeling Crumbs Under My Feet


Blue Cheese 

Mrs. Meyers Lavender Scent


Did we just become best friends?

 let's Make your  Memories


Turning your unseen connections into tangible memories.


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