My Top 3 Lifestyle Family Session Tips

Fort Wayne Lifestyle Family Photography for Moms Who Want To Remember

Good things come in 3’s so why not let you in on my Top 3 Tips for Lifestyle Family Photo Session! Here we go!

Number 1

“WHAT are we going to wear?”

No, joke this is the most asked question and something I myself still wrestle with every time I have our family photos taken. My advice, Start with ONE person. I suggest you Mama’s but honestly it could be anyone. Take this opportunity to treat yourself to a new statement piece or that Cat and Jack shirt from Target you have had your eye on. Whether it be one solid color or a piece with a beautiful pattern, start there and add clothing that compliments each other.

For a FULL Guide on What To Wear For Your Family Session Click HERE I will take you through the in’s and outs of getting your family ready for a session!

Number TWO

“WHERE are we going to do our session?”

This is a close second in number of things I get asked by families. It is an important one with a lot of possiblities. But let me narrow it down for you by asking you this, “How do you want your photos to feel?”

Do you want the natural, laid back and openness feel of being outside in a field or park?

Or does the energetic, spunky strong energy of a Downtown or Urban area make you go “Oh yeah!”?

And don’t forget how cozy, inviting and unique to you family session in your own HOME can feel.

For inspiration look at my Instagram and get a feel for the different types of locations you can choose from!

Last but for sure not least is my question of

“WHY are YOU having your pictures taken?”

Remember why you are here, why you are doing the hard work of choosing locations, planning a date, getting everyone ready. Because of the love and connections you are cultivating and creating right now as a family. You are here to cherish the way your kiddo snuggles in your lap, the way your husband holds you and whispers how much he loves you. You are here to watch the people your kids are becoming as they run around and laugh together.

So the most important thing to remember is to let go of strict expectations and focus all your energy on being with your people. On loving on them as you seek to connect with them.

As always, I am only a DM or Contact Form away from you! It is the passion of my heart and purpose of my creative life to capture you! See you soon!

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