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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions with Emily Louise Photography in Fort Wayne Indiana

I offer laid-back Lifestyle Newborn Sessions that happen right in your home! Now, before panic induces hear me out. Your house does not need to be spotless and I help with anything that needs to get put away.  

Still with me? Ok, so after you book surrounding your due date, I’ll ask you what you are envisioning for your session and we plan out the place in your home that has the beautiful natural light and settle in for a calm and cozy time of embracing the new baby that has joined your family. 

Here is the flow of what happens during a lifestyle newborn session:

-Siblings with baby (if there are siblings) or pets if you’d like!! I have a few super cute puppy loving on the new baby photos that I have taken

After the quick shots with the siblings, we move onto BABY

Baby on their own, from their soft head all the way down to their tiny toes. 

The whole Family together. Sometimes this is the three musketeers of mom dad and baby and other times its like the Brady bunch if there are siblings. 

-In between moments, of walking into the room, pausing to sway back and forth with baby, a snuggle, or a sweet kiss. I look for the big moments, little moments, and each passing moment in between. 

-Time with Mother and Baby, as well as Dad and baby, happen within the session as well. These are moments where you see the beginnings of each parent’s relationship and bond with their new child. 

I always assure parents that you do NOT need a spotless house and I truly love to help move things around or pick up in the areas where we will shoot. 

I remember the days of new baby and cleaning the house is and should not be at the top of the list. 

These sessions are meant to pause what will be time moving and sometimes flying by you. Newborn Sessions give you deep breaths to be present and cherish the beginnings of your child’s life. You reflect on all that happened to get you here, and relish in the blessing of holding your baby in your arms. 

There is a reason that newborn sessions are probably my favorite! And that is because it holds so many emotions and meaningful moments that we will capture together for you to relive over and over again. 

Comment below what you are looking forward to in those newborn days or what remember about your first few weeks and months with your baby!! 

As always, book or dream with me your Newborn Session HERE 

And I will meet you in the next BLOG!!

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