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Ok! You have booked your session, picked the perfect location, started emotionally preparing for an AWESOME memory making time together. All that is left is picking what to wear. And I am here to tell you that you can do this! You know yourself and your family better than anyone else, so who better to choose clothes that will make you all feel like a million buck and showcase the beautiful connections you have cultivated with your people. Here are three words to guide you. 

Authentic | Elevated | Cohesive 

What do I mean by that?

I want you to be authentically you, to feel at home in the clothes you wear. You may ask “But Emily, what if I am a comfy sweatpants, hair in a bun, hoodie wearing girl at hear?” Well thats where Elevated comes into play, and we can totally find comfy flowy pants if you want! I LOVE to be productive in some cute loungewear, but your family memories are a place I believe it is important to level up your clothing choices. I’ve heard it described as “Your Sunday best Version” you don’t have to go to church to have this apply to you. It means that we are showing ourselves value by picking clothes for a photo session that are intentional and honor the family we are a part of by investing in capturing memories. Finally, Cohesive means that all the different and unique personalities will be gathered into a gorgeous tapestry that is your family. There are times where your kids or even you should wear whatever the heck they want and it will look more like modern art than a crafted masterpiece, but I believe that your session should be one where it is good and beautiful to dress each person in an authentic way that compliments and fits together like PB&J or an Instagram influencers styled bookshelf. 

Still nervous? No problem! I am here to help with a Step By Step Guide on Choosing What To Wear. So sit back, grab your half drank cup of coffee or glass of wine and let’s get you dressed! We got this! 

Location Location Location

Choosing your location can be the best way to start sifting through all the possibilities of outfits that exist. If you have not chosen a location hop on over ty the ELP Location. Either way, this will help guide the styling process for you! Consider the vibe you want for your session and the location that will best match that. Will you be strolling down a wood path, or adventuring on an urban side walk? Will a flowing grassy field be the scene for you family memories or an all white indoor studio? 

Start with Mama!

Yes Ladies, take this opportunity to treat yourself whether that be to a new outfit you have been wanting, or letting the color of your favorite flowy dress set the course for what everyone else in the family wears! If not you mama, consider starting with your daughter instead. I say this because generally girls have more opinions when it comes to what to wear. The important thing is to start small with ONE persons outfit. 

My recommendation is to start with your favorite dress in a color you love. You will feel confident and good in something you love. If that is ripped jeans and a leather jacket, go with it!! You know you! Once you have your inspiration piece or whole outfit put together you can move on to step Three! 

Choose A Color Palette

Good News! You already have this process started because you have picked one color to start with! Take a second to pat yourself on the back! Way to go!

Now think about picking 2-3 coordinating colors. Example if you pick a dusty pink dress for yourself, then a darker blue and a shade of brown or cream will coordinate really well with that. Here is a link to my PINTEREST board with a number or already put together family enesmbles. 

You will see there that different pallets give off different vibes. That Dusty Pink/Blue/Brown combination and others like it will feel soft and earthy, very fitting for a natural outdoor setting. Whereas color palettes that include bold or vibrant colors may work really well with an urban or indoor studio setting. 

Ok, check in time. How are you doing? Feeling confident? I believe in you and I am here to help you with any and all of these steps! Ok, let’s get back to it! 

Elevate With Your Color Choice

Elevating your color choices in what everyone wears will create meaningful images where YOU are the focus and not want you are wearing. I want your outfits to showcase your connections NOT steal the show by being distracting. This means that if you love orange and it needs to be in your color palette then consider choosing a dark marigold or burnt orange instead of bright halloween pumpkin orange. 

Cohesive Coordinating 

Thank goodness we are way past the 90’s when family photos could mean EVERYONE wore matching denim. Praise Jesus! Think coordinating by wearing a different color than your spouse, or similar dresses for your daughters instead of matching. 

Think back to your 2-3 colors and consult the PINTEREST board for inspiration!

Mix It Up

Subtle patterns, textures and accessories will add depth and richness to your overall family look. Keep the patterns in small doses and mix in solid pieces that have texture. This could be ruffles on little girls dress or a knit sweater for a son or dad. Remember this is all about showcasing you and your people, NOT letting a skirt steal the show. You can also make this happen with Or skinny jeans with a wrapped shirt that has flowy sleeves. Accessories like, scarves, cardigans or wraps.

Hows It Hanging?

Ill be the first to admit that loose shirts have a comfort to them, but having a fitted outfit can flatter and make you look awesome! Think about where you want the more fitted feel and where in your outfit you can go with the flow. A good example for mamas is picking a flowy skirt and a more fitted top.

Consider The Weather

Hot or cold, the season will play a part in picking what everyone will wear. You make look amazing, but if you are freezing or too warm you will feel crummy. Layers are your friend and can help with the variety of your session. Kiddos can wear shirts underneath other shirts or tights under pants to keep warm as well.  

You do You! 

Like I said! You being comfortable and feeling at home during your session is key! I hope that this has helped you in preparing for your session and I cannot wait to see the magic we create together! 

Remember, YOU GOT THIS!! You know yourself and your family! Message me with what you have and I am happy to give advice or direction! 

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