Mother’s Day Love Guide



This day of celebrating can mean so many things for people, so before I get into it, I want you to know that if this day is hard, I am so sorry, I want to give you a big hug and listen to you in your pain or longing. You are worthy of being seen.

If you’re a Mom, have a mom, know a mom, or are a bonus mom then this is about you! So Dads, kids, friends, anyone who is not the mom, this is for you! Moms, totally send this to them!

Moms are INCREDIBLE, strong, empathetic, beautiful, wise, smart, creative, and so much more! So let’s bless their socks off by telling them how much they mean to you, that you see what they do and how they fiercely invest in their people.

The point of this is to know the mom in your life better and to show her value in the unique way that will bless her socks off!





Im going to kick this off with some homework, ok? Stay with me, its worth it!

If you haven’t learned about Love Languages yet, STOP, go look at them Now.

Seriously, check them out,

In a nutshell they are ways we speak and show emotional love to each other and receive it as well. Gary Chapman is the author of the book that describes them in detail, I will leave the explaining to Him.

One example of them is that my husband Will feels especially loved when I give him a hug or a back-rub, I’m sure he would love it if I gave him a hug every 5 minutes, whereas I feel especially loved when he spends time asking me about what my passions are or listens to my rambling thoughts that somehow are all connected.

Got it? Ok, now if you already know her love language skip this next part, and look for my gift ideas under each type of love language. If you DONT know already, ask her the questions in the quiz and find out what her main one is! You could do it together and figure out yours as well. then come back to find a gift or act that will speak directly to how much she is loved, valued and appreciated.


Do you know her love language?? Great!! Let’s get started!

It is not exhaustive, but I’ve gathered a few ideas that fit into each category. At the END I gathered some of my FAVORITE local business so that you can support a local small business too!! But with all of them ASK HER what makes her feel blessed and loved within her unique love language.





  • Write notes on cards and place them all around the house for her to find throughout the day or even week!

  • Ask her Friends, Family and Your kids to give her a shout out on Social Media, Call or Text her to tell her how amazing she is and why!

  • Write her a letter, tell her how much you appreciate her, how you see all that she does, the effect she has on your life and family

  • Take some time time to write the ULTIMATE brag on her and then post it, share it, tweet it. My husband did this randomly a few months ago and I was beaming for a week straight, well not quite but it was in the Top 10 Best Moments of my life for sure!!





  • Take Pictures of HER & THE KIDS TOGETHER: So many moms don’t get in front of the camera with their kiddos and don’t get to see the precious memories of them included in the actions. I mean we love our babies, but Moms are WORTH seeing in family memories, not just cute kiddos

  • Wake up Early to get breakfast ready so that you can all eat together

  • Prep a space you can be with Her: During nap time or quiet time, Put your phone away, take her to a special spot and ask her about Dreams, hopes, hurts, desires, etc.

  • Gottman Card Deck– is a perfect way to start times of pursuing her , its questions that will get you both sharing things you like and what makes you tick Here is the Link To The Cards

  • Take a Walk: get everyone ready and head out in your neighborhood. Bonus Points for taking her favorite route





  • Back-rub, find a good youtube video to level up your massage skills

  • Gather Some massage oil and Lavender Essential Oil and give her a foot rub, like one that lasts more than a minute

  • Make a Family Cuddle Fortress by getting all the pillows in the house and piling them on and around the couch for what we like to call a “ultra family cuddle”

  • Every time you see your give her a kiss! Im a big fan of reminders and alarms, so setting a discreet alarm can help you remember to give her a TON of kisses




  • Flowers: My reccomendation is:

  • Chatbooks: These are one Time Photo Books or Monthly Easy to Upload Series that you can create from the images on your phone! You could ask her to send you the ones she loves, or borrow her phone and create a book on your own!

  • Luna&Jade Everything Mandy makes is GORGEOUS! I especially love her Personalized pieces. You can have a thumbprint or a name handwritten on the necklace. 

  • ANYTHING from The Find in Downtown Fort Wayne Listed in my Local Links below. It is what local boutique home decor dreams are made of. Candles, decor, local artists, you name it, they have it!

  • Get a set of Photo Prints from Parabo Press and a Wood Print Holder to go with it and display them




  • Finish a “Honey Do Project” around the house

  • Think about everything she is responsible for and do a few of the things she does to take it off her plate!

  • Take the kids on a walk so she can have alone time!! YES!

  • Pick up a coffee for her from a local shop like Utopian Coffee at the Landing Bonus points for picking up a treat.

  • Take her out to a NICE dinner at Tolon which is my personal favorite and Mercado is a close second and I have had the best taco of my life there. 



Below are My FAVORITE Local Places to help you in your Blessing her socks off!

CLICK the logo to go directly to their site! I love being able to support local small businesses during this pandemic

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